Skopje - October 25, 2021

Aleksandra Bakrevska-Dodovska for the TV show "360 degrees" on gender equality in the Intelligence Agency

The Deputy Director of the Intelligence Agency, Aleksandra Bakrevska-Dodovska, for an article within the TV show "360 degrees" which covered the topic of equality between men and women, spoke about gender equality in the Intelligence Agency and the prevention of discrimination in accordance with the new Law on the Intelligence Agency passed on January 25, 2021.

In reference to this, Bakrevska-Dodovska stressed that women in the Intelligence Agency have been part of the institution building process since the very beginning in 1998, however the senior managerial positions belonged to men, and women were performers or at managerial positions which were support in the intelligence operation cycle.

"Gradual changes have been made in the sense that the greatest result is achieved in 2021 when women gained senior management positions and women lead the operational teams. Of course, this is due to the hard work of women, their commitment and professionalism, but also the awareness of the role and importance of women in the intelligence community. Moreover, we have proven that women can and do achieve great success in the management process, "said the Deputy Director of the Intelligence Agency.

She added that the institution has taken a step forward in preventing any discrimination with the new Law on the Intelligence Agency. "Article 27 prohibits any kind of discrimination in terms of age, in terms of religion, in terms of ethnicity, in terms of national and social origin, status, including gender orientation," she said.

When asked why she decided on this profession and how to motivate women to be part of this sector, sharing her personal experience in the Intelligence Agency which dates back to 2002, Bakrevska-Dodovska said that it is a great challenge for a woman to work in the intelligence service, a segment which in our society is mainly considered a male world.

"I have been an employee of the Intelligence Agency since 2002 and I have gone through all the steps of the hierarchy, starting from a trainee to a deputy director. The experience, the sense of belonging and the knowledge that you contribute to the national security is incomparable. Of course, there are many difficult moments that require perseverance and patience, but the most important thing in those moments is that the professionalism and the focus on work prevail. "I urge women to be brave, not to give up and to work with great love," said Bakrevska-Dodovska. In the Intelligence Agency, of the total number of employees, 34% are women. They are also at almost half of the managerial positions, i.e. 45%. For comparison, in 2018, 28% of women held managerial positions.