Skopje - December 20, 2021

Visit of students from AUE-FON within the project Day in AR

Students from the Faculty of Detectives and Security at AUE-FON, visited the Intelligence Agency (AR) within the project Day in AR.

Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new model of work of the Agency as an external intelligence service, which was established by the new law on AR, and to be directly informed about the organizational structure, competencies, goals, activities and mission and vision of the institution.

During the visit, the students attended four lectures by senior representatives of the Agency on the place and role of the Intelligence Agency in the Macedonian security-intelligence system, on inter-institutional and international cooperation, NATO and international security systems, as well as on intelligence-operational aspects of the scope of work of the Agency.

The students visited also the museum in AR and got acquainted with the various exhibits and their application as methods for working in operational and technical activities, as well as the history of the institution.

Today's visit to the Intelligence Agency is part of the AR Day, an activity aimed at the efforts for greater transparency, openness and direct contact through visits of students in the field of security studies.