Skopje – 17th of September 2020

Meeting with the representatives of the Macedonian police union

The Director of the Intelligence Agency, Erolld Musliu today (September 17, 2020) met with the representatives of the Macedonian Police Union led by the President, Dr. Marjan Kicev and the Secretary General, Kiro Trajkovski. The current cooperation between AR and MPS in the context of continues social dialogue were discussed at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the continuing close cooperation in the interest of protecting and promoting the rights of the employees.

Director Musliu expressed support for the work of the MPS as the only representative workers union of AR employees and stressed that the Agency, as until now and in the future, will protect and respect the rights of employees and will fight for their improvement in terms of working conditions and greater economic and social security.

The representative of the Union informed Director Musliu about their current activities and initiatives in the direction of realization, promotion and protection of the economic and social rights and the professional status of the members of MPS.