Skopje - February 18, 2021

Debate with civil society organizations

The Intelligence Agency Deputy Director, Aleksandra Bakrevska Dodovska, participated in the educational-debate session #EUROTALK with representatives of the civil society organizations operating on issues related to security at the Center for European Strategies “Eurothink” today.

At the debate, Ms. Bakrevska spoke about the positive expectations arising from the adoption of the new Law on the Intelligence Agency, and some issues related to the reform process of the security-intelligence services were raised. Moreover, the mechanisms for supervision and control of the work of the Agency were part of the topics covered in the discussion, as well as the security benefits of the country from NATO membership.

The event was organized with the support of the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance DCAF, as a part of the activities for supporting the civil society sector within ‘The Intelligence Sector Reform Programme in the Republic of North Macedonia (2017-2020).”