Skopje - March 29, 2021

Message of congratulations from the Director Erolld Musliu on the occasion of March 29 – The Intelligence Agency Day

Dear colleagues,

Allow me congratulate you on March 29 - the Intelligence Agency Day, on which day we celebrate 26 years of its presence. It is an honour and privilege to be a member of such an institution, whose work is very complex and important, but at the same time, noble and secretive. During the past year, we faced a lot of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic globally, accompanied by hybrid strategies of geopolitical and regional actors, supported by a lot of fake news, but also challenges in the field of asymmetric threats. In such a situation, we implemented an appropriate strategy to adapt to the new situation and we positioned ourselves properly and resisted the threats. At the same time, we provided timely and continuous health care and safety at work for our employees.

I am especially proud of our success, the adoption of the new Law on the Intelligence Agency, which completed the security reforms in our country. With the Law, we fulfilled the indications in the European Commission Report for 2020 and implemented the NATO recommendations, defining ourselves as an external intelligence service. A lot of our colleagues meritoriously received very favourable conditions for retirement, and on this occasion I would like to thank them sincerely for their professionalism, contribution and dedicated work and wish them good health and success in their future lives. The Law on Intelligence Agency opened an opportunity to rejuvenate the Agency with new staff, which we should rely more on in the future. I am convinced that the new colleagues shall be in position to learn a lot and upgrade themselves, and it is our duty, of the more experienced ones, above all, to provide that the acquired knowledge and experience, is shared and to passed on to the new generations. In this context, it is our commitment to upgrade the technical facilities in the near future which shall significantly facilitate the work of the Agency and provide greater protection of our data.

By means of the Law on the Intelligence Agency, we apply adequate and equitable representation of citizens and guarantee gender equality. Thus, for the first time in the Agency, the President of the country, Stevo Pendarovski appointed a woman to the position of Deputy Director, who comes from our professional staff. As your colleague and the Intelligence Agency Director, I am guided by the principles of patriotism, meritocracy and institutional loyalty. I expect you to apply these moral values complemented by your personal characteristics.

The Agency needs dedicated professionals and experts in its fields, free from any influences, who are valued for their hard work, initiative, teamwork and timely information. I expect each of you, regardless of the level in our structure, to be focused on providing intelligence important for the stability and security of the Republic of North Macedonia. It Only in this manner we shall be able to protect ourselves side by side with our allies, take care of the national security and protect the country and our citizens.

Congratulations on the Intelligence Agency Day!

Sincerely, Erolld Musliu